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You see a female human,
{her hair is tied up in a high ponytail with several stands falling to frame
her face}

At first glance, there is nothing quite remarkable or extraordinary about her
features, but upon closer inspection, one may consider a certain charm to her
simplicity. Coffee-colored hair frame an innocent face, tumbling over her
shoulder in loose waves as they fall to her waist. On the shorter end of
average for her race, she stands at just over five feet and could very likely
be mistaken for a child, but this assumption is easily disproved by the matured
curves of her tanned body and a wisdom clearly reflected in her honey hued
gaze. Only then might one notice a cute beauty mark dotting just under the
outer corner of her left eye, completing her facial profile alongside a cute
button nose and velvet colored lips.
She has long, coffee-colored hair that falls to her waist.
She has honey-hued eyes, framed by long lashes.
She is in perfect condition.

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