My name is Kasia Aveilia, born into a clan of itinerant scholars and adventurers. I grew up under the care and tutelage of my parents who were once servants to the Grand Overseer and keepers of the Palace Archive. Now, they are the highly esteemed leaders of our clan. They often imparted to me the lessons and values they learned from their years of servitude, speaking of their high regard and respect for the Overseer and for the city of Darmahk.

Our clan constantly thirsts for knowledge, building our own private, mobile library stored in several canvas-covered wagons. I would spend hours in those wagons, reading book after book as we traveled long distances. My specific areas of interest revolved around philosophy, psychology, religion and history. As is the habit of nearly every member of our clan, I always had parchment and quill on hand, ready to scribe my own research, thoughts and observations.

Parchment and quill were not the only weapons of my arsenal. I also kept with me a set of brushes and small vials of paint, mixed and crafted by my own hand. Some disapproved of my artistic inclinations, not understanding the practical knowledge one could gain from such things, while others encouraged and approved my exploration of the arts. I grew to become one who was equally absorbed in her painting as she was in her books. 

Eventually, as time passed, I was met with two life changing questions: What was the purpose of my pursuit of knowledge? For what reasons do I desire to hone and develop my gift of painting? It took a season of self reflection to finally find the answer. 

I desired knowledge for a greater purpose and the arts to honor one who is far greater than I: The Overseer. When I became of age, I spoke to my parents about my desire to give my life as a tribute and to serve in the Overseer's Palace. My parents supported my decision and I left for the city with nothing but the clothes on my back, my quill and my vials of paint. 

The moment I stepped foot into the streets of the city, I knew what I wanted to be:


A philosopher.

A record keeper.

A novelist and an artist.

All for the honor and glory of the Great Overseer.