People come and go, but these are the individuals who have made a lasting impression....

Trademistress Sericia

Trader GM

She was the very first person to notice me during my time as a servant. She saw my potential and gave me the opportunity to serve the Overseer and the city of Darmahk as a Trader. To this day, she remains an inspiration and a figure I highly respect and look up to.

Read, "A Chance Encounter" to see how we met.



My first impression of Mahir was that he was some kind of blood-crazed feline. As it turns out, he overhunted but after a quick bath from Trademistress Sericia, he turned out to be quite the likable fellow. He was also one of the first people I met in Darmahk and I'm glad I've gotten to know him!

Read "A Chance Encounter" to see how we met. 

High Priest Zain

Dahkoar GM

Sometimes dark and brooding, the High Priest can actually be very kind and thoughtful. We met during my time as a servant while I was resting by the city well. After seeing my exhaustion from drawing water, he passed me a few jerkies and went on his way, but he left with a strong impression. Now, I am proud to call him my faith leader as he guides me in my service to Dahkoar.

Check out my painting, "A Call of Dominance", inspired by the Dahkoar Guild.

Zain, Fanart by Ednia


Warrior, Dahkaor Devoted

My first memory of Dereht was when we met at the bank of Daramhk. I was a new trader at the time and struggled with my math.  Long story short, I gave him way too much vault space (insanely more than what he asked for). Even though I accepted the fumble and wanted him to just consider it his lucky day, he paid for it in full and continues to be one of my biggest customers to this day. Dereht is truly a man of kindness as he is a man of Honor.

Check out 'Dereht's formal attire' that won him the 'Best Dressed Award' at the most recent Shadow Ball.

Or check out the 'Peacock Mantle' 

that I designed for him and is depicted in his 

character art!

Priestess Meryn

Dahkoar, Reporter

She is my best friend! Priestess Meryn is as beautiful with words as she is in person. I love her passion when it comes to giving sermons as much as I love wonderful personality. She also a very neat enthusiasm when it comes to fishing poles.

I love you Meryn!

Check out my design "Purple feathered cloak",

that Warrior Dereht gifted her. .