September 13, 1492

Kaisa is born to a clan of scholars.

August 15, 1521

August 16, 1521

August 17, 1521

August 20, 1521

August 29, 1521

August 31, 1521

September 19, 1521

November 5, 1521


Kaisa offers herself as a tribute to the Overeer and becomes a servant in the palace.

Kaisa is granted her freedom and becomes a Serf.

Kaisa is inducted as a Trader of Darmahk.

Kaisa devotes to the Lord Dahkoar.

Kaisa runs her first Darmahk Caravan.

Kaisa joins the Archium Aeternam clan.

Kaisa becomes a Guide.

Kaisa is released from the Guides and becomes Assistant Emissary.