Archium Aeternam

The moment I saw their post on the boards of the Palace Archive, I knew that this was the clan I wanted to join: A group of like-minded individuals who have a passion for writing and lore keeping. 

If you're curious about us, why don't you visit our clan hall in Domplin, just off of the Ire River? Our library is open to the public and I'm sure you will discover the beauty in all the books, scrolls and tomes that we've collected.

- Traderess Kaisa

Charter by the Founding Members

Archives, legends, oral and written lore, these are all important because they
provide evidence of activities and tell us more about individuals and
institutions. They tell stories. They also increase our sense of identity and
understanding of cultures. Archives in particular are vital concentrators of
knowledge because of their role in centralizing access to records. Records are
essential extensions of sentient memory that can be used to help bind society
together and serve as tools of social justice and reconciliation. However,
since the Fall of the Guardians it has been clear that this knowledge of what
had been before is hard to find and even harder to confirm.
It is the intent of Archium Aeternam that we, as a clan, stand as the
repository of all known history for Ateraan. We seek to retain what all
histories and traditions in archival form, that we can preserve them for all
of Ateraan's peoples both present and future. We do not wish to lose the rich
heritages of Ateraan to passive negligence and the passage of time. To that end
we as a clan seek to gather, collate, and retain any significant information
about Ateraan's past, lest it be lost with the arrival of another new era.
We are chroniclers and researchers, who work to write down not only lores of
the past, but current events as well, to provide them to the public and
preserve them for future generations. Archium Aeternam strives for knowledge
and wisdom, and welcomes as members anyone with the same goals, regardless of
nation, faith, guild, citizenship or race.

Eberline Ungulata, Druid Archivist and World News Reporter
Sage Faldu of the Druids
Kaalil Orspring, Master Scholar and World News Editor
Saelomae Silverthorn, Dahkoar High Priestess