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Log - A Chance Encounter

Updated: Sep 28, 2021

Trader Way - Darmahk

Trader Way is lit with multiple black lamps that line both sides of the

street. The buildings are set up as wood and mason establishments for the

selling of products and services. Wood planks line the front of all the

buildings on this street to keep the bulk of the dirt and dust on the street

and out of the shops. A beautician shoppe is toward the east.

East - Darmahk Beautician Shoppe.

Obvious exits: north, east and south.

Female Human

Male Feline

Sericia offers a faint dip of her head, "Good evening. I don't think I've

seen you about before."

"Good evening.", Kaisa greets as she dips into a bow of her own, her coffee-colored hair

tumbling over to one side.

Mahir bristles, ears flattening as he drags a tongue across his maw.

Kaisa raises to offer a kind smile. "Kaisa.", she offers before explaining.

"I do apologize if I blocked your way. I'm the newest servant in the Overseer's


Sericia smiles at that, though she reaches out even as she does to twack the

bristling feline on the nose. "Mind your manners, cat," she gips, before

looking back to the girl. "You're quite alright, I assure you. I'm Sericia,

Trademistress of the Trader's Guild and it's a pleasure to meet you. The

over-blooded feline, is Mahir."

Kaisa draws the broom closer to herself. Clearly, the streets in this area

have just been newly swept. "Oh?", she perks up with a visibly curiosity in her

honey-colored eyes. "It is a great pleasure and an honor, Trademistress."

Mahir growls low, raising his head to snuff the air before snarling, slitting

his gaze at Sericia though...minds to the point. "Mahir," he grumbles in echo,

taking his eyes off the two.

Kaisa inclines her head towards the two. "I do hope the night finds you

well.", she offers warmly, saying, "If there is anything I can assist you with, please don't hesitate to let me know. It's an honor to serve the Overseer and the citizens of Darmahk."

"The pleasure's all mine, I assure you," Sericia murmurs offering another

faint dip of her head. "And welcome to Darmahk. You seem keen to your task

though, which is a good sign. I daresay you'll have worked yourself free of it

soon enough." Of the feline, she can't help but add, "He seems bloody, is what

he seems and in dire need of a bath. You're welcome to sweep in the shop though

if you'd like, whilst I try to remind myself not to drown him." Beaming smile.

Kaisa lifts her broom once again with a visible eagerness. "Certainly, Trademistress." She then shifts her gaze towards the Beautician Shoppe. "This one?", she clarifies.

Sericia bobs her head in a nod, even as she reaches up to grab the feline by

the ear to haul him inside. "I swear he's usually much more well mannered.

Quite docile, even. One might even say timid."

Trader Beautician Shoppe

The beautician shoppe is a place where master stylists apply their skills to

change the look of a person or article. This requires patience and artistry as

the use of strong dyes, sharp instruments and a steady hand are needed since a

person or item can be damaged if care is not taken. Assistants for the stylists

are on hand with water, soap, and bandages as the stylists work.

In the wall is a trash collector, "trash <item>" to get rid of something.

A shiny silver bell hangs from a metal bar off the wall.

There is one obvious exit: west.



Mahir shifts his attention to the door, paws flexing his claws as he reaches

up to scratch at his chest lightly. At the second mention of the overseer his

pierced ear twitches. A growl is his only response to the threat, taking care

to step smartly where he needs to in order to be out of the way but still

traverse to where he needs to be. The talking seemed to be well under control,

so it's down to the snarl as he hauled around by the five foot nothing female.

Kaisa wanders into the shoppee, her eyes examining every detail with keen

interest - from the various tools and instruments to the assistants working

about. She doesn't allow the sights to distract her for too long and begins her

task of sweeping the floor.

"He over hunted," Sericia explains, still frowning at the feline. "And he'll

feel sorry for it tomorrow, I'm sure and likely when next he meets you, be a

proper gentlemen, as he /should/," she stresses. Though it's more like she's

lecturing the cat, rather than explaining. "So what brings you to the city,


Kaisa is quite meticulous with her cleaning, though she lifts her eyes when

Sericia speaks to acknowledge her attention. She seems surprised at the

question but answers without hesitation, "I come from a group of itinerant

scholars and adventurers. I grew up under the rule and tutelage of my parents

who were once servants to the Grand Overseer, keepers of the Palace Archive.

Now, they are the highly esteemed leaders of our clan."

Kaisa continues, "It's quite a long story but to be more straight to the

point, I came to Darmahk because I wish to have a greater and more noble

purpose for the pursuit of knowledge and my desire to paint."

Mahir seems to melt under the attention, eyes falling closed as his ears

twitch. Paws reach up to rub his maw, listening to the conversation happening

but keeping his trap shut. Some of this he should remember.

"Oh that sounds quite wonderful!" Sericia muses, even as she settles the cat

into a chair and motions to the servants. Once her supplies are brought to

hand, she begins working on his thick mane with a vigor. "So you'll be familiar

with the lot of it then," a soap laden hand gestures airly towards the city.

Though she keenly latches onto a few choice words, such as a desire to paint.

"Your interest, might it be turned towards the Traders then?" Scrub scrub


Kaisa clears her throat, the faintest hint of a blush staining her cheeks as

Sericia so easily reads her. "It is.", she admits, then quickly adding, "If the

Overseer and Traders should deem me worthy."

"Then you've met with the right person," Mahir murmurs, voice still a holding

a gruff tone but at least able to put together a sentence.

Kaisa smiles at that. "It would seem so.", she responds softly as she

finishes the last of her cleaning, leaving the shoppee floor nearly spotless.

Sericia chuckles, a dark rich sound of throaty amusement. "Well then, our

paths will be crossing quite often, I wager. If you serve the palace well.

We've a need for new blood and you strike me as the sort who carries with them

a measure of talent. Unfortunately, I've got to be getting to bed as soon as I

drop the cat off, but I'll be about tomorrow. Feel free to reach out and I'll

be happy to answer any questions for you that I am and, should you finish your

taskings for the Palace, I daresay we could find you a place." The little

trader delivers with a cheeky grin.

Sericia says to Mahir, "There now, as close to clean as you can get. Almost."

Mahir grunts, nodding as he gives his head a vigorous shake to put wind in

his mane. Raising he licks his maw, heading out.

Mahir leaves west.

Kaisa's honey-colored eyes light up at Sericia's words. "I will do my best to

prove my worth, first to the Overseer and then to you, Trademistress.", she

offers with another humble dip of her head. "I will certainly reach out to you

when I finish with my tasks."

Mahir arrives from the west.

Mahir chuffs, turning his attention from Sericia to Kaisa, nodding lightly.

"Again, Mahir. Blood, Militia. Reach out if you need assistance."

You say to Mahir, "A pleasure to meet you. Please do not hesitate to reach out

to me as well."

Sericia dusts off her hands and steps away from the chair, leaving the

servants with a few kind words and a couple of extra coins to clean up her

mess. Instead, her attention turns back towards Kaisa and she waves a tale

about Jempek, broken paint pots, spitting camels and a flying fish. "You've my

mind, feel free to use it as you need. Even when I'm sleeping, the echos often

linger and I'll reach out to you as soon as I'm awake."

Mahir reaches up a paw to rub an ear, turning a faint glare at Sericia before

turning to head back out.

Mahir leaves west.

Kaisa continues to tell Sericia of her past, telling stories of her desire to mix her love for books with her love of painting.

You say, "I will certainly reach out to you when the time comes. I don't wish

to keep you from your sleep much longer, Trademistress."

Sericia smiles as she soaks in the history, before reaching up to press the

curve of her hand to her mouth to hide the threatening yawn. "It's been a long

few days of constant torch making while we fought the Anaroc," she explains. "I

promise I'll be much better company once I've rested." And with that, she offers a little wave.

Sericia leaves west.

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