• Kaisa Aveilia

Painting - A Call of Dominance

Piercing onyx eyes gaze back at the viewer with an intensity highlighted by specks of gold, sparkling within those dark orbs as though they held life within its painted existence. They belong to the raven featured in this masterpiece, its midnight wings stretched gloriously in mid-flight as though to demand the complete attention of its onlookers. Each feather has been painstakingly detailed with traces of silver and grey, giving the impression of silky smooth plumage while an obsidian beak opens wide in a call of dominance and determination. Trailing behind its large form is a cloud of shadow and ashes, blurred as though the creature were manifested from Darkness itself and ready to emerge from the canvas.

In the bottom right corner, inked in silver is a name written in elegant cursive, denoting the artist: Kaisa Avelia.

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