• Kaisa Aveilia

Design - Dereht's formal attire

Updated: Aug 30, 2021

(Commissioned by Warrior Dereht)

Sable vest

A mesmerizing black on black brocade brings this sleeveless waistcoat to life; an intricate flourishing pattern has been weaved with dark grey thread, shimmering against the darker satin of this suave design. A notched collar dives deep into a plunging neckline, fastened closed with a polished pair of obsidian buttons. What truly makes this piece remarkable is only discovered when the wearer turns his back, revealing a pair of embroidered raven wings which extend wide in mid-flight.

Charcoal dress shirt

Black as the ashes of freshly burnt embers, it is as if this charcoal-colored dress shirt were woven from the fabrics of Darkness itself. However, upon closer inspection, one may gleam that it is sewn from heirloom quality linen, light in weight but dense in shade. The tailoring suits the wearer's muscular build, creasing in just the right places to accentuate his athletic form. A crisp collar lines the neck while long sleeves end with angled cuffs. Only then might one notice the intricate embroidery of a slithering snake that encircles the left wrist, nearly getting lost in the shadows of the design. But to all with a keen eye, the addition is a visually pleasant surprise. The embellishment has been painstakingly stitched by hand, detailing the creature's beady eyes, rigid scales and venomous fangs -- a masterful artwork in and of itself.

Black pleated dress pants

If one could literally 'dress to kill', this rakish pair of pleated pants could murder ten times over. Daringly tight from waist to thigh, heirloom quality linen tastefully shows off the wearer's physique with a tailored precision. The fabric continues to caress the legs, ending with a bootcut flare at the ankles. A demonstration of craftsmanship can be observed by the level of detailing engraved into the studded button which keeps the garment in place. The silver fastening depicts two warrior spears piercing a skull. Etched into the piece, encircling the feature, are the words 'Honor Forged in Blood', adding yet another layer of intrigue to this devilishly fine design.

Polished black dress shoes

Made of genuine calf-skin leather, this sophisticated pair of black dress shoes has been crafted to dazzle and impress. Buffed with turpentine and wax, the body of the footwear gives off a polished sheen, fastened with double strapped buckles that keep the shoe in place. With a slight heel for added height and a rounded cap toe to keep it classy, the piece is both avant-garde as it is beautifully timeless.

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