• Kaisa Aveilia

Design - Peacock Mantle

Layers of black woolen fabric cascade over the wearer's shoulders and fall in varying lengths around this human's muscular form; fitted with a hood that may be drawn up to shade the wearer's face, the design is equally as dapper as it is pragmatic and functional. A golden stripe runs along the hemline, catching the eye's attention as it shimmers along with the ebb and flow of movement. However, the most captivating feature of this regal design is none other than the bushel of colorful peacock feathers adorning the shoulder pads and neckline. Each plumage is an iridescent green, transitioning to vibrant shades of blue and violet to form the eye of the feather. The finishing touch that completes the overall look are the gilded edges of each plume, the tips masterfully dipped in gold-colored dye to give an added element of luxury.

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