• Kaisa Aveilia

Recipe - Dark Jempekian Roast

Updated: Aug 26, 2021

(Inspired by Marshall Garr)


Dark brown liquid already hints at the possible boldness of this warm drink, froth bubbling lightly upon the liquid's surface as though it were just freshly brewed. Cradled in a delicate black cup, stylized with golden flourishes, the beverage gives off an air of exotic luxury as faint steam rises up in silent temptation.


A pleasing aroma of hazelnut and almond greets your senses, along with the strong scent of fresh coffee beans. Wafts of heat rise from the cup, carrying the earthy fragrances that come together to form that bold and inviting scent


There is a distinguishable semblance of quality and finesse found in the intricate flavors of this dark roast. A bold bitterness, a balanced sweetness and a complex blend of nutty tones tie harmoniously together, giving depth and richness to this strong brew. Traces of hazelnut, almond and coffee bean combine deliciously with just the right amount of sugar in order to energize and awaken any who opt to take a sip

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