• Kaisa Aveilia

Recipie - Luxurious Jempekian Wine

Updated: Aug 26, 2021

(Commissioned by Warrior Otuk)


The bottle itself reflects the luxuriousness of its contents, transparent glass exposing the deep red wine that tempts its observers with a vibrant richness. If unopened, gold-colored foil seals the cork enclosure, guarding the liquid until it is ready to be consumed. Finally, a label reveals the name of the beverage, written in a flourishing golden script, "Luxurious Jempekian Wine, 1511."


Bringing the wine to one's nose, a harmonious mixture of various earthy tones come into play, reminiscent of a lush forest, growing mushrooms and smoldering embers. If one were keen enough to distinguish the complex elements of this scent, they may also pick up the smell of aged cherry and raspberry, tied together with a hint of vanilla.


A bold taste greets one's pallet, immediately met with accents of raspberry and cherry which tie together with the faintest trace of vanilla. The flavors come together with a concentrated balance and overall finesse, leaving an intriguing aftertaste to linger on one's lips.

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