• Kaisa Aveilia

Recipe - Savory cheesecake bacon crumble

Updated: Aug 26, 2021

(Commissioned by Priestess Meryn)


Five bite-sized cheesecakes are set upon a black ceramic platter, golden snakes gilded around the rim to create a visually striking presentation. The pastries themselves are a toasted golden-yellow, sprinkled with bacon bits and garnished with parsley. There is a light moisture that steams from each delicacy, hinting at its freshly baked nature and tempting one to take a bite.


An enticing combination of assorted scents come together to make one's mouth water in eager anticipation. The inviting smell of buttery bread, toasted peppers, fried bacon and cheesy goodness work harmoniously together to create a rich fragrance that fills the air.


A delectable medley of rich flavors greets your pallet as one bites through the toasted exterior to enjoy the fluffy center that melts in your mouth. Instead of being met with sweetness, the dish is surprisingly savory with a combination of melted cheese, toasted red peppers and crispy bacon that blend together to both satisfy and leave the mouth craving for more.

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