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Log - A Philosopher's Take on Dahkoar, Devotion and Love

Updated: Sep 28, 2021

-<^>-<^>-<^>-<^>-| Dahkoar Sanctuary |-<^>-<^>-<^>-<^>-

Shrouded in a dark haze, the Sanctuary of Darkness is smaller than the grand Temple in Darmahk. It has low arches and hard wood framing that is coated in a black substance smooth to the touch. Several wood benches rest in an octagon around the room. A small onyx raven with a skull in its claws adorns the end of each wood bench. An altar resides in the center of the room. It is made of black stone and several dark candles rest on its edges.

A place for meditation is west, the treasury is north, and the holy room is east.

Obvious exits: north, west, east and south.





Porter Iran.


Hrung (is tipsy).




















Kaisa turns to Zain as the top of the toll rings. "May I start?", she inquires, looking up at the High Priest expectantly.

Zain gives a smile towards Kaisa and nods once, "You may begin. Shadows guide."

Kaisa sweeps her honey-colored gaze across the room, flashing a warm and welcoming smile. "Hello everyone.", she greets, calling for the attention of those gathered around. "For those who don't know me, my name is Kaisa Aveilia, a Traderess of Darmahk", She tucks a loose strand of hair behind an ear before continuing. "Thank you for joining me tonight for my second talk. It means a lot to me that you took the time out of your night to come in and listen. If you haven't already, please help yourself to a drink and enjoy, even as I speak."

Kaisa gestures towards the coffees and wine set up at a nearby table.

"My topic for this evening is entitled: 'A Philosopher's Take on Dahkoar, Devotion and Love'.", Kaisa conveys, her voice clear and bright as it resonates to the acoustics of the sanctuary. "Before I begin, I would just like to clarify that I am not a cleric, but I am devoted to the Lord. This talk isn't meant to be a sermon, nor is it a debate. It is simply intended to spark some thoughts. You don't have to agree with everything that I'll be saying. This is simply an expression of my opinions and theories, and I hope that it may also bring others to challenge their concept of what Dahkoar, Devotion and Love really means."

Raima sips on her mocha, smiling as she listens from the back.

Kaisa continues quickly, her gestures and mannerisms reflecting her background as a teacher. "Let's start backwards and tackle the subject of 'love'. It's a Waylumi tenet -- and I believe that it's a beautiful, wonderful thing." The traderess speaks with a genuine sincerity, letting that thought linger for a moment before she carries on.

Anjelle cups her hands around the black ceramic mug and breathes in the steam rising from it redolent with cocoa and mint. Her attention focuses upon Kaisa with a bit of a smile.

"But let's be honest with each other for a moment." Kaisa goes on with equal conviction. She flashes Nirrian a smile before leaving her position at the front of the room to instead walk down the aisle and speak amidst the crowd. "How many times have people casually tossed the word 'love' around here? How many times has someone murmured the words 'I love you' only to leave you? Only to change their mind. How many times has the word 'love' felt empty?"

Kaisa furrows her brows slightly but manages a bit of a smile. "It's sad but true.", the traderess continues after a beat. "People have used the word 'love' so often that it's lost the beauty of its meaning, and that's because love is such a general term. In the ancient days they used different words to describe


Kaisa turns around and asks the audience, encouraging a bit of interaction, "I'm curious. Does anyone here know any of the ancient-common words for 'love'?" She pauses for a few moments, allowing anyone to offer an answer. "Feel free to raise a hand."

Zenayla raises a hand.

Zenayla says, "Worship."

Taelis smiles at Kaisa.

Zervoth looks around the room and raises his hand.

Alvah eyes Zervoth.

Kaisa offers Zenayla a kind smile as she responds, giving a nod. "Interesting take.", she responds, then turns to Zervoth with a nod.

Zervoth says, "Eros, Philia and Agape."

Kaisa chuckles under her breath, a flicker of amusement in her honey-colored eyes. "That's the answer I was hoping to hear.", she replies.

Xamos rubs his beard.

Alvah listens for the explanation to these new words.

Kaisa goes on to explain, "In ancient common, they had at least seven different words for love but tonight I would like to focus on the three most common: Eros, Philia and Agape. As Shaman Zervoth mentioned."

Kaisa adjusts her black ribbon, tightening her ponytail higher on her head as she walks back to the front of the room. Then turning to face the crowd as she continues, "Let's start with the first type of love: Eros. This is where we get the modern word for 'erotic'. It's the most primitive kind of love and is drawn from the most animalistic side of us. When we see a hot, attractive girl... or fall for a handsome man that gets us riled up... that's erotic love. A love that is full of passion, lust, and pleasure."

Kaisa adds with an assurance, "Eros may be the most shallow of the different types of love, but it isn't completely bad. Most romantic relationships start with an attraction and develop into something more."

Rynna perks her ears to listen to Kaisa.

"This leads us to the second kind of love: Philia.", Kaisa greets Gralnok with a little smile before she moves on, talking with a degree of excitement. "This is where we get the modern word for 'philanthropic' - the love for people. This is a deeper kind of love because we have come to love the person for who they are. This is the kind of love that builds great friendships, life-long romantic partners, love for family and even love for the nation."

"The last form of love is called Agape. This is also known as 'unconditional love'. Some people say that this kind of love doesn't exist. Who knows? Maybe it doesn't.", Kaisa speculates with a shrug of a slender shoulder. "However, others argue that this is the kind of love mothers have for their children. No matter how bratty her kids may be... how stubborn... how rude... how unappreciative... or even how hurtful... a good mother will still love her children no matter what. The same goes for a loving father as well."

Xamos smiles gently.

Zain taps his pendant idly as he listens to Kaisa speak.

Kaisa states with an emphasis, "In other words: an unwavering devotion."

Xamos nods softly.

"Maybe we can all say that we love certain things. Perhaps you love a specific type of food. Or maybe there's a hobby you love to spend your time doing.", Kaisa supposes, taking the time to meet each individual gaze, as though to connect more deeply with her audience. "We are all 'devoted' in some way to our leaders, to our passions, to our cause. But how deep is that devotion?"

Anjelle sips her mocha as she listens with avid interest vibrant in her expression.

Kaisa pauses here, tapping her chin thoughtfully before she asks another question. "For example, what do you think is the difference between 'guarding' and 'protecting'?", the traderess surveys the room, waiting to see if anyone responds. "Raise a hand if you'd like to volunteer an answer."

Arco raises a hand.

Kaisa nods at Arco.

Kaisa says, "Please, go ahead."

Anjelle shifts her focus to Arco.

Anjelle looks at Arco.

Zenayla waves to Gralnok before leaning into her seat's back, the expression on her face looking pretty dubious at everything she's hearing.

Arco says, "The difference to me is active versus passive. A guard is someone who hovers closeby, like a sentinel or as a gargoyle statue to a medieval cathedral. Protection is different. It is born of care and intimacy. To protect someone is to available if needed rather than to be present preemptively."

Arco says, "...to be available too. Sorry. I am slightly dizzy."

Meryn cants her head at Arco's words before looking back to Kaisa.

Kaisa's lips draw into a smile, her eyes focused on Arco with visible interest. "I really like that.", she answers with an agreeable nod, then expresses a similar opinion. "Both seem to be used interchangeably but the way I see it, guarding implies duty. Protection implies a degree of devotion."

Arco agrees.

Zolixa begins chanting and her eyes glow red.

Kaisa mentions, "A few days ago, there was a trial here in the north. A rogue was accused of stealing a few things. During the trial there were several Knights around to -guard- her. Why? Because it was their duty. Would they spill their blood to protect her from her death sentence? Unlikely..."

Zenayla raises one eyebrow.

Kaisa flashes a smile to Merek, being one of the Knights in the room. There is a visible respect reflected in her eyes. "But for the King, they would.", the traderess assumes. "A true Knight that is devoted and loyal to the leadership of the King would not hesitate to die for him, if needed be."

Meryn nods as she listens.

Kaisa illustrates the comparison, "A Knight may guard a prisoner... but valiantly protects their King. Just like a good father or mother would protect their children." She closes her eyes, speaking with full conviction, "They would take a barrage of arrows for them. Bleed for them. Even die for them. This is not the word 'love' that we casually toss around and take for granted. This is devotion."

Kaisa opens her eyes again as she draws closer to her conclusion, "And this is what the tenet of Dahkoar teaches: Devotion, in the purest sense of the word." The traderess gives a little playful smile to the Dahkoarim in the room before saying, "Some people think that the followers of Dahkoar have no idea what love is... but I challenge that belief. I have come to believe that perhaps the faith has come to understand love even more deeply than most. An unconditional love. An unwavering devotion for Dahkoar and all things that we hold dear."

Kaisa advises with a cheeky smile, "So, think twice before you toss the word 'love' around so carelessly, and let me end my talk on a single question for all of you to ponder..."

Meryn smiles at Kaisa.

Kaisa asks, "How deep is your love?"

Kaisa offers a bow as she ends her talk, coffee-colored hair tumbling over to one side. "Thank you for listening."

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